Coach: Kurt Tippman

Robber Coverage on 1st and 2nd Down – Kurt Tippman


1. Who is Coach Tippman
2. Where Do You Start
3. Definition of Robber Coverage
4. First Day of Install
5. Safety Reads
6. Robber vs Spread
7. Robber vs Twins Open to the Field
8. Robber vs 21 Personnel
9. Robber vs Pro to Boundary
10. Robber vs Twins Closed to Field
11. Robber vs Double Tight End
12. Adjust to Trips Open
13. GAMEFILM Twins to Field
14. GAMEFILM Pro to Field
15. GAMEFILM Sniffer H-Back
16. GAMEFILM 21 Personnel Pro to Boundary
17. GAMEFILM Robber to Boundary with Palms
18. GAMEFILM Shift Strength
19. Robber vs 2x2 Middle of Field
20. First Coverage to Install
21. Contact Coach Tippman for More

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