Coach: Adam Gaylor

Regular (PAR) down Creepers – Adam Gaylor


1. Introduction
2. Who is Adam Gaylor
3.Whats in this talk
4. What is a Creeper
5. Why Creeper
6. What Creeper Does to Offense
7. Odd Front Creeper
8. GAME FILM Odd Creeper Quarters to Boundary
9. GAME FILM Odd Creeper vs Arc Blocks
10. Creeper to the Field
11. GAME FILM Field Creeper with Stem Front
12. GAME FILM Creeper to the Field
13. Creeper into Boundary
14. Safety Creeper to field
15. Safety Creeper from Boundary
16. Interior Creeper with Three Buzz to the Field
17. Interior Creeper to Boundary
18. Cross Fire Blitz with 2 High Coverage
19. Two High Safety in Boundary
20. GAME FILM 2 High in Boundary
21. Two High Weak Interior Blitz
22. GAME FILM 2 high Interior Blitz
23. Contact Coach Gaylor

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