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Pistol Wing T Offense Complete Playbook


With over 300 pages on 8×11 paper – Super Great Value!

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250-page playbook. You own it for life, including all future updates. When Stewart makes a change, you will see it next time you log on.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a downloadable product. We can ship you a physical book to your doorstep or you can view the digital book on this website.

Since the original videos were published in 2010, over a thousand copies have been sold. 12 teams have won state titles running this exciting offense.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a downloadable product. I used to offer that and the book showed up as a Facebook download and on Scribd. It took me over 300 hours to write this book and 8 years running the offense so I do not want this to be a free download on the internet. You will get a dropbox link with tons of drawings & powerpoints when you purchase. If you are an old-fart like me and want the hard copy to put sticky notes in then order from www.allaccesscoaching.com

In addition to running the offense, I have corresponded with hundreds of coaches running the offense and have installed the offense at over 50 schools in 15 different states. This 3rd Edition Playbook contains many updates and wrinkles to this exciting offense contributed by this vast pool of coaching knowledge.

–> Read UNBLOCKED defenders on every play. The QB can turn every run play into Option

–> Easier to pass since QB is 3yards away from Center. Pre & Post Snap Reads? No problem. RPOs? They are in here!

–> Every play has step by step drawings of the backfield footwork

–> Go back under center on any play in case of bad weather or your backup center is in the game.


Forty pages explaining easy to learn terminology, No-Huddle, and how to install the offense. This is a fast offense using 7 different tempos with a hybrid HUDDLE – NO HUDDLE system.

These tempos range from calling the play in the HUDDLE and sprinting to line, running the play in 3 seconds; or waiting to call the play after the defense lines up; or letting the QB “check with me” based on defensive alignment; or running MUSTANG / NASCAR tempo, snapping the ball 1 second after ball is in play.

Several different NO HUDDLE systems are discussed, allowing you to choose the one that is best for your program. Wristbands, hand signals, and sideline cards are all explained in this section.


Every traditional Wing-T family is covered in this section: Buck); Belly; and Down. There is also Midline and Veer. The Jet & Rocket section shows how to run the entire offense using the flat Jet motion. There are two short yardage packages, a special “check with me” package, and trick plays. The combination plays combine a run play with a perimeter pass play and the QB decides where the ball goes as both plays are being ran.

Detailed diagrams show the backfield steps on every play.


While I believe that the Wing-T offense is the best high school offense, I also agree with the criticism that it can lack a passing game. But it is the not the Wing-T system that lacks a passing attack, it is the coaches that are refusing or not understanding how to pass.

This Third edition has a completely expanded Pass Section that will show you how to simply attack each coverage in terminology that matches the Wing-T run game using the same concepts used by spread & air-raid systems.

¨ PASS PROTECTION schemes that require very little practice time;

¨ PASS ROUTE concepts in a simple language so a few concepts combined with a few formations gives the defense a lot to worry about;

¨ Three SCREEN concepts that can go to any of your 5 players out of 12 formations;

¨ QUICK passing game that gives your athletes the ball in space;

¨ DROP BACK passing attack putting 4 receivers in routes;

¨ SPRINT OUT off Jet motion putting edge defenders in conflict with the QB run threat.


Every pass route is diagrammed versus Cover 1, 2, 3, 4 and man coverages. Stewart shows which concepts are better against each defense.


¨ Detailed explanations of what to look for when watching opponent’s film.

¨ Flow charts of “If-Then” statements using plays that are most effective vs defenses.

¨ How to call the plays on Friday night so that the defense is in conflict.

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