Coach: Eric Marty

Inside Zone & Zone Read


This course is over an hour long!!!

Coach Marty breaks down their user friendly INSIDE ZONE and ZONE READ running plays. He will talk about the offensive line ID’s, techniques & footwork for every position, universal rules they give their tight ends.
1 Introduction to Inside Zone
2 Run Game Logistics
3 Offensive Line Calls on the field
4 Wrist Band Play Calls
5 Footwork for QB & RB
6 RB &QB Mesh Footwork
7 Where to run Inside Zone
8 Inside Zone Assignments
9 Offensive Line Rules
10 Blocking Zone vs Under Front
11 Blocking Zone vs Odd Front
12 Adding Motion to Gain Numerical Advantage
13 Zone Read
14 Inside zone - Game Film
15 11 Personnel Inside Zone - Game Film
16 QB Under Center Inside Zone - Game Film
17 12 Personnel Inside Zone - Game Film
18 Inside Zone with Slice Action - Game Film

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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