Coach: Russ Martin

Inside Zone


Coach : Russ Martin (ExpTEOffense)

Coach Chavez will break down how they block inside zone. In this video he will show you what each position is doing along with how they block each front they will see.

1. Introduction
2. Practice Film-RB Footwork for Inside Zone
3. Running Back Rules on Inside Zone
4. Practice Film-Proper Steps to Reading Inside Zone
5. Game Film-RB Reads on Inside Zone
6. Inside Zone Steps
7. Identify Fronts
8. Inside Zone vs 4-2-5 OL Blocking Assignments
9. Inside Zone Away from Tight End Side
10. Inside Zone vs 4-3 OL Blocking Assignments
11. Inside Zone vs Bear Front OL Blocking Assignments
12. Inside Zone vs 50 OL Blocking Assignments
13. Inside Zone vs Bear-Weakside-Adjustments to Movements
14. Overview on Inside Zone. Stance & Technique
15. Game Film on Inside Zone vs Odd Front
16. Game Film on Inside Zone vs Even Front
17. Game Film on Inside Zone to the Weakside
18. Game Film on Inside Zone Two Running Back Set vs 4-3
19. Game Film on Inside Zone vs 50 Front


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