Coach: Jason McManus

Course 2: Inside & Outside Zone Run Game


24 Minutes of Game Film on Outside Zone

1-RB backfield; 2-RB backfield; Pistol; with an H-Back.... No Tight End, 1 Tight End, 2 Tight Ends No Motion, With Motion If you STOP IT, then McManus fakes and runs POP Pass (course 6) or RPO (course 5) or good old fashion Play Action (course 4). ....BOTTOM LINE....YOU WON'T STOP IT. Nobody has. 55 wins in 4 years. FOUR STATE TITLES. 3,700 rushing yards. Oh wait...that's just ONE play. What about INSIDE ZONE? 10 more minutes of game film with all the formations, different backfield sets, motion..... ------and maybe the QB pulls it and runs. Maybe he pulls it and passes. The defense will never be right.
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Sample Video 1

Sample Video 2

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Course 2: Inside & Outside Zone Run Game

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