Coach: Tom Everson

Colorado Mesa Punt


Colorado Mesa University Punt gives a detailed explanation of Punt coverage, but more importantly the drills to INSTALL punt. Special emphasis on long snapping technique, as well as all aspects of coverage and protection. You'll get details about the basic responsibilities and alignment rules for each player. Blocking rules and techniques are covered and shown on game film by in-depth explanation of the coverage rules for each position. Extensive film review is also included, in which 40-year coaching veteran Everson provides coaching points and touches on some of the issues that can arise in your punt system.

1. Introduction to Punt
2. Protecting A gap
3. Stance and alignment
4. Personal Protector
5. Wings on Punt
6. Gunners
7. Punter Alignment
8. Reason shield Punt doesn’t work
9. Pre snap read on Punt
10. Vertical Technique on Punt Coveage
11. Vertical Technique on Punt Coveage
12. Release Rules & Points on the field
13. Tight Punt
14. Net drill - Punt coverage
15. Identify Punt Defense 1
16. Identify Punt Defense 2
17. Punting on short field
18. Punt Team Game Film
19. Directional Punting
20. Fake Punt
21. Roll Punt Game Film 1
22. Roll Punt Game Film 2
23. Punt Personal
24. One vs One Punt drill
25. Two vs Two Punt drill
26. Leverage Squeeze Drill Punt Coverage drill
27. Trash Can Drill
28. Conclusion

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