Coach: Adam Gaylor

2 Gap Run Fits (Odd & Even Spaced fronts) - Adam Gaylor


1. Whats in This Course
2. Run Fit Spacing
3. Two Gap Odd Spacing
4. Odd Spacing Front 5
5. Odd Spacing Back 7
6. Plus Alignment
7. GAME FILM 8-man Spacing out of Quarters
8. GAME FILM vs Zone
9. GAME FILM 7-man Spacing
10. GAME FILM Push Tech by NG
11. GAME FILM Double 4i Tech
12. GAME FILM Great 2-gap technique
13. GAME FILM Lag Tech by 4i
14. GAME FILM Defend Power in Boundary
15. GAME FILM DT Technique
16. GAME FILM Spill Overlap
17. GAME FILM NG playing Double Team
18. GAME FILM Overlap Spacing
19. GAME FILM Spill Overlap2
20. GAME FILM 8-Man Spacing
21. GAME FILM 8-Man Spacing2
22. 2-Gap Even Spacing
23. GAME FILM Even Push
24. GAME FILM Even Push2
25. GAME FILM Stack LB Fit off Center
26. GAME FILM Lag with 2 Techniques
27. GAME FILM Defend Counter
28. GAME FILM Jet Technique
29. Contact Coach Gaylor
30. Bonus Game film

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