Coach: Rick Stewart

Dynamic Warmup, Flex, & Nutrition


Videos of Coach Rick Stewart’s Players Doing over 30 Dynamic Warmup Drills.

This course will cover:

- Video of Stewart's Players Doing over 30 Dynamic Warmup Drills
- Flexibility Drills to Do Immediately After Your Workout
- How To Teach Nutrition to Your Players

1. What's in this Course
2. Philosophy & Goals
3. Challenges in High School Weight Room
4. Why Dynamic Warmups Instead of Static Stretching
5. Lower Body Warmup
6. Upper Body Warmup
7. Speed & Agility Warmup
8. Complex Warmup
9. Flexibility Drills
10. Importance of Nutrition
11. Make Nutrition Simple
12. How to Education Your Athletes About Supplements
13. Importance of Water & Chocolate Milk
14. What a Calorie Is
15. What is Metabolism
16. How to Speed Up Metabolism
17. How Many Calories Do Your Athletes Need
18. Basic Nutrients
19. Carbohydrates
20. Educate Your Athletes About Protein
21. Fats Are Good
22. Vitamins & Minerals
23. An Easy Way for Your Athletes to Keep Track of Their Nutrition
24. Meal Plans
25. Importance of a Recovery Drink

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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