Coach: Roger Holmes

Speed and Rocket Sweep


“When Coach Holmes brought his speed sweep to Georgia, nobody in the state knew how to stop it” –veteran GA coach who lost in playoffs to Holmes

The Speed Sweep, also called Jet or Fly, is designed to effectively move the ball with undersized linemen ad gets the ball to the edge SUPER FAST.

Coach Holmes coached under Hall-of-Fame Herschel Moore, who many give credit for inventing this play.

The Speed Sweep makes it hard for the defense to key on one player, is hard for an opponent's scout team to run, it shows very few tendencies, and gives you a numbers advantage at the point of attack.

And it is ridiculous easy to install.

Deception is the key to the offense and Coach Holmes diagrams and uses game footage to demonstrate the key deception points. Swartwood covers position-by-position assignments versus multiple fronts. He runs it to Tight End side, Split End side, out of Empty, out of 2-back sets, and 1-back sets.

This course also covers the Rocket Toss. Speed & Rocket forces the defense to play sideline to sideline, requires minimal blocking and minimizing blitzing.

The snap count, timing of the snap, and taking the handoff is explained.

To strengthen the play, Holmes diagrams companion plays: Belly, Down, and Guard Trap. Rocket Sweep is a dangerous weapon to any offensive system.

If you are looking for an offense that is simple for your players to understand, difficult for defenses to defend, and creates mismatches at the point of attack, this is a "must have" for your library.

64 minutes. 2020.

1. History of Speed, Jet, or Fly Sweep
2. Reasons to Run Speed Sweep
3. When to Snap Ball
4. Snap Count and Check With Me
5. Key Blocking Points
6. Must Pull The Guard Unless...
7. Pulling Guard Technique
8. Taking the Handoff
9. Running Back Blocking
10. WR & Backside Blocking
11. You-Me Playside System
12. Examples of You-Me Call
13. Playside Blocking to SE Side
14. Examples of Speed to SE Side
15. Gaining Numbers for Speed Sweep
16. Unbalanced Formations for Numbers Advantage
17. Empty Formation to Get Advantage
18. GAME FILM: Great Wing Block
19. Speed Sweep in State Championship
20. GAME FILM: Out of Unbalanced
21. Speed to Split End Side
22. Speed out of Empty
23. Guard Trap off Speed Sweep
24. Down off Speed Sweep
25. On Field Rocket Toss Footwork
26. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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