Course 5: Seven Ways to Run Buck Sweep


Roger Holmes has won 231 games in Georgia and Tennessee

Won two STATE TITLES and 8 REGION Championships in Georgia

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    This course goes into amazing detail.

    This is not just basic Buck Sweep that you see all over the internet. THIS IS BUCK SWEEP ON STEROIDS !!!

    Using Ex-Cumberland University and Wing T Hall-of-Fame coach Herschell Moore’s versatile blocking system, Roger Holmes BUCK SWEEP has answers for whatever the defense runs.

    How did Coach Holmes win the 2019 GEORGIA STATE TITLE while only throwing 2 passes the entire game?

    How did Coach Holmes team RUSH for over 700 yards in one game and led the entire state, all classifications in rushing with 6,200 yards?


    How many times have you heard a defensive coordinator say:

    “Just read the guards to stop the Wing T”
    “The Wing T can’t handle A-gap pressure”
    “Line inside the TE and keep him off the Linebackers”
    Don’t you think that every defensive coordinator in Georgia (where coaches don’t teach but coach all day) tried to run every defense to stop Coach Holmes rushing machine?

    6,200 rushing yards !!!

    Obviously none of it worked.

    WHY ???

    Because Coach Holmes runs a SYSTEM that has answers.

    Coach Holmes can pull 2 Guards, 1 Guard, or even a tackle on this play.

    He will influence you with false pulls and pass sets if your Linebackers read guards or your D-Line chase pullers.

    This 50-minute course takes you from Whiteboard to Practice Field to Game Field.

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