Coach: Joe Austin

Run N Shoot in the Triple Option: Philosophy & Choice Routes



This course is the first of the 3-part RUN N SHOOT series by Southwestern University head coach Joe Austin.   

Are you curious how the Run N Shoot originated?

Are u as fascinated as I am in understanding the history and development of this offense?

Then I suggest you begin with this course!

I am certain you will want to know more and get obsessed with the RUN N SHOOT 3-part series OFFENSE!

This is the 1st part of the Run N Shoot Series by Southwestern University head coach Joe Austin.   

This  course will cover mostly all the topics you need to know to better understand how this offense fits well with the Tex Bone Offense. (Coach Joe Austin's flagship  Triple Option Offense); such as below

  • Run N Shoot Attributes
  • Run N Shoot Principles
  • Run N Shoot History
  • Run N Shoot Foundations
  • Run N Shoot Concept

WHAT IS THE TEX-BONE? The Tex-Bone is triple option for the 21st century. Combines traditional option with modern spread into a Texas-sized offense that leaves defenses scrambling to cover it.

  • Classic option schemes ran from multiple spread formations (and flexbone variations)
  • First option system to use Power as the base triple scheme
  • A tool box:
  • Option (power, speed, belly, veer)
  • One back runs (isos, counters)
  • Play action heavy
  • Pass elements from various systems (including Run and Shoot)
  • Use it in its entirety or select the tools that enhance your offense
1 Introduction
2 What is the TEX-BONE?
3 Run and Shoot Attributes
4 Run and Shoot History
5 Run and Shoot Principles
6 Run and Shoot Foundations
7 Pass Protection
8 Iso Pass Protection
9 Power Pass Protection
10 The "Choice"
11 Choice Play Game Film pt.1
12 Choice Play Game Film pt.2
13 Pure and Half Choice Switch
14 Choice Switch Game Film
15 Conclusion

Course Gallery

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