Coach: Joe Austin

Run N Shoot in the Triple Option: Foundational Pass Concepts



This is the second of a 3-course series by Southwestern University head coach Joe Austin.   

After the part 1 of this 3-part series where, Coach Joe Austin shared the Philosophy and History of the Run n Shoot;


Coach, I am certain you would be hungry for more!!

If this is the case, then get ready to take a deeper dive into the our Run N Shoot Playbook!

In this second course Coach Austin -- co-creator of the famous Tex Bone Triple Option Offense Play -- He would discuss in detail several route combos such as follows:

Coach Austin will also share some diagrams from spread formations and  FLEXBONE formations and discuss in detail how the RUN N SHOOOT marries with the Tex Bone Triple Option Play.

So, if you are a FLEXBONE Coach what are you waiting for!? This is exactly what your team needs to elevate your offensive strategy!

1 Introduction
2 GO Route
3 GO Route with RB
4 GO Play Game Film pt.1
5 GO Play Game Film pt.2
6 GO Tampa
7 Curl-Flat
8 Curl-Flat Game Film pt.1
9 Curl-Flat Game Film pt.2
10 Dig Play
11 Dig Play Game Film
12 Boundary Isolation
13 Boundary Isolation Game Film
14 3-Level Flood
15 3-Level Flood Game Film
16 Conclusion

Course Gallery

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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