Coach: Roger Holmes

Practice Schedules for the 2-way Player


Believes that all players should go both ways.

Coach Holmes has always had 6 to 7 kids starting on both sides of the football. His teams have played in 3 state championship games, which is a 16-game season

In this video you will hear how this 29-year veteran….

Decides who practices with Varsity and JV
How to setup coaching staff
You will also see why Coach Holmes believes so strongly in the WHOLE-PART-WHOLE teaching system.

He goes into great detail, down to the minute how he practices during...

In-Season Mon, Tue, Wed
Then you will see actual practice schedules

1. Introduction
2. Problems with players going both ways
3. Organizing your Staff for Players Going Both Ways
4. Coaching Staff Responsibilities
5. How to Determine who is Varsity or JV
6. Installing Offense During Off-Season
7. Spring Install by Day
8. Summer work for June
9. Summer Work for July
10. Pre Season Fall camp
11. Weekly Practice Plan - Monday
12. Weekly Practice Plan - Tuesdays
13. Weekly Practice Plan - Wednesday
14. Weekly Practice Plan - Thursday
15. Daily Practice Schedule Monday
16. Offensive Script for Monday
17. Tuesday Practice Schedules
18. Tuesday Offensive Script
19. Wednesday Practice Schedule
20. Wednesday Offensive Script
21. Thursday Practice Schedule
22. Thursday Offensive Script
23. Practice Schedules Summary
24. Conclusion

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