WING T- Power Series including Roll Option

Coach: Roger Holmes

Power Series Including Roll Option


Watch the free samples below and you will quickly see why Coach Holmes has set the Georgia scoring record TWICE !!!

Wear down the defense with the relentless pounding of the Wing-T Power

Disguise Power using multiple formations

Control the clock while averaging 3-6 yards per play

The Power is an effective way to block and neutralize the defensive end and render a superior athlete a non-factor. Coach Holmes breaks down the many different blocking schemes that will wreck odd and even defensive fronts.

Holmes delivers a look at the power series versus many different defenses and shows why the Herschel Moore blocking system is the most versatile in all of football. There are answers to whatever the defense throws at you.

you'll learn how to use multiple formations to give the defense different looks and still run your power play.

1. The Power O of the Wing T
2. Great Play on the Goal Line
3. Power vs 2 & 7 tech
4. Power vs 3 & 9-tech
5. Power vs 8-man Front
6. Power vs End lines up on Wing
7. Power to the Weakside
8. Power vs 3-4
9. Sweep 44 Y Double
10. Backside Blocking Rules
11. Summary of Power
12. GAME FILM - Double TE Double Wing
13. GAME FILM: Logging Defensive End
14. GAME FILM: Examine Man-Reach
15. GAME FILM: When Flopping Defense Confuses O-Line
16. GAME FILM: Power Y Bat
17. GAME FILM: Power with Flex TE
18. GAME FILM: Trading to Unbalanced
19. GAME FILM: Shifting to Unbalanced
20. GAME FILM: Check with Me at LOS
21. GAME FILM: Audible at Line of Scrimmage
22. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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