Course 5: Outside Zone


Fantastic complement to Inside Zone because it attacks defense in a much different way

INSIDE ZONE attacks vertically with the back on the midline….

then OUTSIDE ZONE attacks horizontally and stretches the defense.

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    Coach Marty breaks down their outside zone, and goes into great detail about the nuances of what they are trying to accomplish when running it – and how to coach your guys so they are able to get it done.

    THE KEY IS…..

    Wall the front side and cut off the backside.
    RB has to patiently find the alley….Hunting for the vertical cut
    Frontside blockers to be patient & under control. Backside cut off pursuit.

    REMEMBER…This is a Multiple Formation Offense….

    No TE or with a TE
    Blocking vs Under, Over, & Odd, and 33 Stack

    Coach Marty talkS about the importance of syncing your back’s footwork and pacing
    This is NECESSARY in orrder to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the scheme.
    In 2019, Coach Marty’s starting tailback….

    led the state in yards per carry,
    rushed for over a thousand yards,
    led the state in all-purpose yardage.