Course 16: OL Stance, Chutes & Footwork


Roger Holmes has won 231 games in Georgia and Tennessee

Won two STATE TITLES and 8 REGION Championships in Georgia

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    This 1 hour video is part of a 3-hour series.

    The first video, COURSE 15, focused on shoulder skills and how to make contact on the block

    THIS VIDEO, COURSE 16, teaches the FOOTWORK

    Everyone knows that you CANNOT win football games without Offensive Line. This is the reason that Coach Holmes has had all the success in football crazy Georgia….

    How did Coach Holmes win the 2019 GEORGIA STATE TITLE while only throwing 2 passes the entire game?
    How did Coach Holmes team RUSH for over 700 yards in one game and led the entire state, all classifications in rushing with 6,200 yards?
    Like any championship coach and championship program…this video does not skip any details. Nothing is assumed in this video….

    “The first 3 steps are the most important….”
    – Vince Lombardi

    This video shows starts off by continuing the teaching of the shoulder & hands by puttting the players in the chute.

    So they learn how to make contact, WHILE STAYING LOW. They will be in 2point and 3point stances.

    Then it is onto the footwork:

    FIRE step. Used on reach blocks
    TRAP steps.
    PULLING footwork
    DOWN block
    ROCK Step
    TRAP drill. Every offense needs Guard Trap
    BIRD DOG drill. One of the best teaching tools in all of football…any offense…any defense…every coach in America should use this drill

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