Coach: Kelley Lee

Counter Tre, Gun Counter Tre Read Option, & Trick Plays


This course puts the FUN in the Flexbone….let’s just call it the FUN-BONE…

WHAT?? A Flexbone Team running Shotgun?

A Triple Option team running Counter Tre?

...and trick plays?

This course puts the FUN in the Flexbone....let's just call it the FUN-BONE...

Counter Tre
Gun Read Counter Tre
3 Back Gun Formations like Diamond and Pack
Cruiser Concepts
Trips and Spread Formations
This NCAA Division II rushing leader Eastern New Mexico's Shotgun Package

.....but hold on....they run it both under center & shotgun

And we did promise fun right?

BONUS: 12 Trick Plays

1. What's In This Course
2. Identifying Defensive Fronts
3. Counter Tre To The Open Side vs Even Front
4. Counter Tre to The TE Side vs Even Front
5. Game Film: Counter vs Even Front
6. Counter Tre vs 3-4
7. Game Film: Counter Tre vs Odd
8. Game Film Counter Tre F-Flow
9. Counter Tre Read Option Out of Shotgun
10. Counter Read Option Cruz Tag
11. Counter Tre Option Out Of Different Formations
12. Game Film: Counter Tre Option
13. Game Film: Counter Tre Option With A Give
14. Game Film: Counter Tre Option Pitch
15. Counter Tre Arc Scheme
16. Game Film: Counter Tre RPO
17. Bonus Trick Plays
18. Game Film: Triple I Formation
19. Summary Of What We Learned

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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