Coach: Tony Demeo

Running Gun Triple Option – Tony Demeo


Clinic Triple Option Clinic
Coach Tony De Meo

A comprehensive presentation of The Gun Triple.

A comprehensive presentation of The Gun Triple. We’ll cover the reasons behind the techniques of running this sideline to sideline option. We will cover the blocking upfront & by the skill players. The backfield play will be discussed in detail along with making the QB reads as simple as possible. The complete package.

1. 4 Meaningful Stats
2. How to Use Meaningful Stats
3. A Meaningful Offense
4. Triple Gun is Best Slingshot
5. Sideline to Sideline
6. Installing the Gun Triple
7. Line Play for Gun Triple
8. Smart Splits
9. Line Play and Veer Tackle
10. Veer Technique
11. A B C Rules
12. Other Line Calls
13. Line Adjustments
14. Gun Triple vs 43
15. Gun Triple vs 34, 4i, and 44
16. Gun Triple on Slot and Speed in Space
17. Perimeter Play Off Slot-Pitchman
18. Pitch Relationship
19. Onside Receiver Play
20. Offside Receiver is Important
21. QB is the Trigger
22. Simple Things We Practice Every Day
23. TBs First Step
24. If HOK is Blocked and TBs Aiming Point
25. On Becoming a Blocker
26. QB Attack the PK And Coaching Points
27. QB Keeps and Leverage Pitch
28. Leverage Pitch vs 43 and Pitch Off HOK
29. Game Film: Dive Pitch and HOK Blocked
30. Game Film: Gun Triple Arc vs 34
31. Game Film: HOK Blocked
32. Game Film: Gun Triple Seal
33. Game Film: Tackles Over and Wings Over
34. Gun Triple vs 33
35. HOk Blocked vs 44 and Leverage Pitch vs 33
36. Keep the TB in the Game
37. Game Film: Down
38. Whirley Triple with Game Film
39. Flip Triple with Game Film

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