Course 4: Game Planning Using Balanced & Unbalanced Formations


The Problem with the Wing-T is having to many plays

Does Your Offense Have to Many Plays?

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    Create a manageable game plan for the Wing-T Offense to answer all critical game situations.

    Roger Holmes has ran the Wing-T Offense for 29 years, winning 230 games and 2 state titles.

    He goes into great detail which plays he calls vs certain fronts….explaining how he manipulates the fronts with formations.

    There are only 5 ways a defense can adjust to unbalanced and Holmes lists what plays he calls vs each of the 5 adjustments.

    No phase of the game is left out in this Wing-T Video. Other areas of focus include:

    Halftime adjustments – Get an excellent reference to understand how to evaluate your game plan and what adjustments need to be made during halftime
    Make game time and half time adjustments a strength for you and your team
    Learn how to study the defense and effectively attack various fronts and coverages
    Develop a balance between run and pass to effectively move the football

    Begin your march to a championship during the off-season using the concepts and ideas provided by Roger Holmes.

    Create a winning game plan before you even step onto the field, so you can call plays with confidence!

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