Fly Sweep: Under Center & Shotgun



In the 1980’s then high school Coach Mark Speckman took a play, the FLY SWEEP, and created an entire offense based on that play.

His Central California teams had back-to-back 14-0 seasons and we’re the #1 team in California.

113 wins as a high school coach, back-to-back 14-0 seasons, 2 CIF titles, and #5 USA Today national ranking.

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    Mark Speckman took the FLY OFFENSE to the collegiate level at Williamette College and now at FCS UC Davis.

    UC Davis records for most wins in a season
    82 wins at Williamette,
    2 championships, 3 postseason appearances, & national runner-ups in 1997.

    “The mantra is `figure it out.’ There are a million ways to do something and all of us have to figure it out. When I was a player, I had to figure out how to throw a ball, catch a ball and how to tackle. Nobody ever told me. I was a defensive player who started coaching offense. So I had to figure it out.

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