Coach: Eric Marty

Fly Sweep in Run Game


Coach: Eric Marty

Action creates reaction – and there is no greater weapon presnap than fly motion.

Forces defense to declare and declare quickly, messes with called blitzes, Notorious thief of defenders eyes. Coach Marty’ breaks down the multiple ways and schemes to use Fly Sweep in the running game, which makes them such a tough defend for opposing defenses.
1 Fly Motion Introduction
2 Z Motions & Responsibilities
3 H Motion & Responsibilities
4 R Motion & Responsibilities
5 Z Motion with Ball
6 H Motion with Ball
7 R Motion with Ball
8 Fly Motion to enhance run game Game Film
9 Two TE set Fly Motion Game Film
10 Fly Motion Pay Action Pass Game Film
11 H and Z Fly Motion Game Film
12 Fly Motion with Power Run Game (Game Film)
13 Fly Motion with Power Read (Game Film)
14 2 X 2 Fly Motion (Game Film)
15 Closing for Fly Motion

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