WING T- Eight Ways to Run the Guard Trap

Coach: Roger Holmes

Eight Ways to Run the Guard Trap


This course goes into amazing detail.

Run traditional Guard Trap with influence pulls by the playside Guard or Tackle

On Block it or fold the backside linemen

Watch Coach Holmes players run the play on the practice field with Coach mic'd up.

1. Wing T Philosophy
2. Keys to a Successful Buck Sweep Series
3. Should Fullback be in a 2pt or 3pt stance
4. STANCE of Fullback
5. Halfback Stance and Alignment
6. STANCE of Half Back
7. Why the Wing Back is tilted at 45-degree angle instead of squared
8. STANCE of Wing Back
9. ON FIELD Demonstration of Wing Motion
10. QB Stance and Footwork in the Wing T Offense
11. Importance of Midline Path in Guard Trap
12. FB Must Identify the Blocking Path to Know His Steps
13. Importance of the Midline to the Quarterback
14. What Does QB Do After the Handoff
15. HalfBack on Guard Trap
16. ON FIELD Explaination of Backfield Footwork
17. WHITE BOARD: Guard Trap 30 X vs 50 Front
18. WHITE BOARD: Guard Trap 30 M vs 50 Front (sucker pulls)2:04
19. WHITE BOARD: Guard Trap 30 X vs 43 Front (both traditional and influence pulls)2:23
20. WHITE BOARD: Guard Trap 30 Sucker COG vs 43 Front (fold blocking)
21. GAME FILM Guard Trap vs Even Front
22. GAME FILM Guard Trap Long Pull vs Even
23. GAME FILM Guard Trap vs Odd Front

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