Coach: Roger Holmes

Down (Belly) Series and Variations


This course goes into amazing detail.

Run traditional traditional DOWN play, which Coach Holmes calls his BELLY.

Coach Holmes has a ridiculous easy blocking system that he learned from legendary college Wing T coach Herschell Moore.

It allows Coach to block this play 7 different ways and run it out of 10+ formations.

Watch Coach Holmes players run the play on the practice field with Coach mic'd up

1. Wing T Philosophy
2. Why Run the Belly Run Play
3. STANCE of the Fullback
4. STANCE of the HalfBack
5. STANCE of the Wing Back
6. MOTION of the WingBack
7. Blocking Rules for the Belly Down Play
8. Backfield Steps and Blocking for the Belly-Down Play
9. Practice Demonstration of BIB and BOB blocks
10. PRACTICE VIDEO: Holmes Explains Backfield Footwork
11. PRACTICE VIDEO of Backfield Steps with Coach Holmes mic'd up
12. WHITE BOARD: Belly Keep Option Blocking Rules
13. WHITE BOARD: Belly Keep Option Backfield Action
14. PRACTICE VIDEO of Backfield on Down Option with Coach Holmes mic'd up
15. WHITE BOARD: Belly G vs 50 Front
16. WHITE BOARD: Belly T & K vs 50 Front
17. WHITE BOARD: Belly M Gut vs 43 Front
18. WHITE BOARD: Belly Keep Option out of Unbalanced
19. GAME FILM Belly G with Jet Motion or 2 Tight Ends
20. GAME FILM Belly Keep Option
21. Down Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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