Coach: Roger Holmes

Complete Belly Weakside Series


Roger Holmes has won 231 games in Georgia and Tennessee

Won a STATE TITLE and 8 REGION Championships in Georgia

This course goes into amazing detail.

Run traditional traditonal DOWN play, which Coach Holmes calls his BELLY.

Coach Holmes has a ridiculous easy blocking system that he learned from legendary college Wing T coach Herschell Moore.

It allows Coach to block this play 7 different ways and run it out of 10+ formations.

Watch Coach Holmes players run the play on the practice field with Coach mic'd up.

1. The Inside Zone of the Wing T
2. Alignments
3. Backfield Action
4. Half Back Footwork
5. Wing Back Footwork
6. Wing Back Blocking
7. Full Back Footwork
8. On Field Backfield footwork
9. Practice Video of Belly Ride
10. Offensive Line Call vs 3-4 Defense
11. Belly Ride vs an Under Front
12. Blocking vs 4-3 Under
13. Belly Ride vs 4-man Front
14. Demo of Slam Block on 1-tech
15. Problems with Cross Block
16. Answer to Hard Squeezing End
17. GAME FILM Belly vs 4-man Front
18. GAMEFILM Remove OLB by Formation
19. GAMEFILM Example of Slam Technique
20. GAMEFILM Double Wing Formation with Jet Motion
21. GAMEFILM Belly out of Unbalanced
22. GAMEFILM Belly Pass
23. GAMEFILM Ride 35 Ride Pass Switch Post-Wheel
24. Belly Option & Belly Sweep
25. Why Veer is better than Belly Option
26. Importance of QB Wall
27. Belly Option vs Odd Front
28. Belly Sweep
29. FB & QB on Belly Sweep
30. On Field Backfield Footwork
31. Why Belly Sweep is a great play
32. GAMEFILM Belly Sweep
33. GAMEFILM Why We Do Not Pull Backside Guard on Belly Sweep
34. GAME FILM Belly Sweep No Motion
35. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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