Coach: Roger Holmes

Boot Leg Pass: Play Action Pass


Protections rules and techniques for each player in a rugby punt formation

Holmes, talk about Boot Leg pass from Under Center

1. What's in this Course
2. Simple Rules for Passing Game
3. Packaging Plays
4. Bootleg Philosophy
5. Boot QB Reads
6. WingBack Protection
7. Line Blocking Rules
8. Boot X Protection
9. Protection vs 4-3 Defense
10. Boot to TE Side
11. Boot to TE vs Cover 2
12. Game Film Boot to TE vs cover 3
13. Game Film to X Receiver
14. Game Film to Split End
15. Boot to Split End vs Cover 3
16. Boot to Split End vs Cover 2
17. Game Film Boot Out1
18. Game Film Special Out
19. Questions And Answers

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