QB Reads & Adjustments on Buck Sweep

Pat Murphy is one of the orginators of the Shotgun Wing T.... Winning 4 out of 6 state titles in the 1990's

Learn from the Best.

Why do you need Buck Sweep?

Are you letting your QB read unblocked defenders? (btw…this totally fits the Wing T “put defenders in conflict” commandment)

  • How does the backside Tackle work in tandem with the Quarterback??

Let this STATE CHAMPION prove to you that a smaller Wing can block an End that outweighs him.

All supported with GAME FILM

  • head up on the Wing?
  • Outside shade of the TE?
  • head up on the Tight End?

How about the Tight End?

  • Head up & head up Defensive End
  • Playside Linebacker in the C-gap
  • Playside Linebacker over the playside guard

Murphy then moves onto the pulling Guards. Draws it up, shows practice video of footwork, & then backs it up with game film

Are you like the rest of the country and hyptonized by RPOs ???

Murphy will not let you down. 4 ways to tag perimeter RPOs to the Buck Sweep….with the best explaination of perimeter blocking


  • QB Buck
  • Single Wing
  • Criss Cross Reverse
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Course Includes

  • 37 Lessons

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