QB Reads and Adjustments Gun Wing T


Pat Murphy is one of the originators of the Shotgun Wing T….

Winning 4 out of 6 state titles in the 1990’s

Learn from the Best.

Why do you need Buck Sweep?

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    Are you letting your QB read unblocked defenders?   (btw…this totally fits the Wing T “put defenders in conflict” commandment)

    How does the backside Tackle work in tandem with the Quarterback??

    Let this STATE CHAMPION prove to you that a smaller Wing can block an End that outweighs him.

    All supported with GAME FILM

    head up on the Wing?
    Outside shade of the TE?
    head up on the Tight End?

    How about the Tight End?

    Head up & head up Defensive End
    Playside Linebacker in the C-gap
    Playside Linebacker over the playside guard

    Murphy then moves onto the pulling Guards.  Draws it up, shows practice video of footwork, & then backs it up with game film

    Are you like the rest of the country and hyptonized by RPOs ???

    Murphy will not let you down.  4 ways to tag perimeter RPOs to the Buck Sweep….with the best explaination of perimeter blocking


    QB Buck
    Single Wing
    Criss Cross Reverse