Course 9: Power Series Including Roll Option

Watch the free samples below and you will quickly see why Coach Holmes has set the Georgia scoring record TWICE !!!

Wear down the defense with the relentless pounding of the Wing-T Power
Disguise Power using multiple formations
Control the clock while averaging 3-6 yards per play
The Power is an effective way to block and neutralize the defensive end and render a superior athlete a non-factor. Coach Holmes breaks down the many different blocking schemes that will wreck odd and even defensive fronts.

Holmes delivers a look at the power series versus many different defenses and shows why the Herschel Moore blocking system is the most versatile in all of football. There are answers to whatever the defense throws at you.

you’ll learn how to use multiple formations to give the defense different looks and still run your power play.

Multiple high school programs across the nation have gone to the spread offense, and lose the ability to be physical. Holmes has played for 3 state titles by being physical in the run game with the power. You will see:

How to influence the defensive linemen and use their technique against them.
The importance of the double team block at the point of attack and how to execute it.
Key adjustments used against every defensive look.
Learn the footwork and aiming points for the play-side guard and tackle to both a two- and three-man surface.
Learn how Holmes makes adjustments if a team plays a slant and angle type defense or if the defenders try to penetrate.

Learn how Coach Holmes determines which blocker performs which block depending on the style of defense and match-ups presented.

Learn how to coach the kickout and log blocks in combinations according to how the defense reacts
Learn how to adjust the blocking scheme to account for blitzing linebackers
Learn how Holmes loves using unbalanced formations and motion to slow a fast reacting defense down.

This is a great video for any coach wanting to add a very powerful, physical run play to their offense.

40 minutes. 2020

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Course Includes

  • 22 Lessons

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