Formations to Take Advantage & Blitz Beaters

Pat Murphy is one of the orginators of the Shotgun Wing T.... running it in the '90s and winning 4 out of 5 state titles.

Using comparisons, Murphy shows you traditional Under Center formations and how they correspond to the Shotgun.

Murphy has been a WingT guy all his life and was a very successful Under Center coach before transitioning to Shotgun….which led to the 4 state titles.

BONUS ALERT: He also shows you why a WING-T state champion believes Inside Zone is a great play and why he runs it !!!

But he hasn’t lost his decoder ring because….

  • Buck, Belly, Jet
  • Follows the Wing T order of football: Base Play, Counter, Play Action

FORMATIONS Covered answers the important question: WHERE DO YOU PUT THE HALF BACK?

  • TE / Wing
  • TE Trips
  • Empty Sets gives you options when the QB goes down
  • Ghost Sets are good vs blitz and can still run Buck Sweep
  • Bunch Sets outflank the opponent and can still run Buck Sweep
  • Single Wing is great on the Goal Line

The 4-time state champ then goes thru how he attacks 8-man fronts

How he defeates blitzing

  • which means he has to show you how to run Fire Screen
  • And then shows you how he PRACTICES defeating the blitz
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Course Includes

  • 26 Lessons

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