Coach: Pat Murphy

Formations to Take Advantage & Blitz Beaters


Pat Murphy is one of the originators of the Shotgun Wing T….

running it in the ’90s and winning 4 out of 5 state titles.

Pat Murphy is one of the orginators of the Shotgun Wing T....

running it in the '90s and winning 4 out of 5 state titles.

Using comparisons, Murphy shows you traditional Under Center formations and how they correspond to the Shotgun.

Murphy has been a WingT guy all his life and was a very successful Under Center coach before transitioning to Shotgun....which led to the 4 state titles.

BONUS ALERT: He also shows you why a WING-T state champion believes Inside Zone is a great play and why he runs it.

But he hasn't lost his decoder ring because....

Buck, Belly, Jet
Follows the Wing T order of football: Base Play, Counter, Play Action
FORMATIONS Covered answers the important question: WHERE DO YOU PUT THE HALF BACK?

TE / Wing
TE Trips
Empty Sets gives you options when the QB goes down
Ghost Sets are good vs blitz and can still run Buck Sweep
Bunch Sets outflank the opponent and can still run Buck Sweep
Single Wing is great on the Goal Line
The 4-time state champ then goes thru how he attacks 8-man fronts

How he defeates blitzing

which means he has to show you how to run Fire Screen
And then shows you how he PRACTICES defeating the blitz

1. Introduction
2. We Are A Traditional Wing T Team
3. Traditional 100 900 Formations
4. Spread Formation in Traditional Wing T
5. The Biggest Question
6. How Do You Call Formations
7. Best Formation
8. Empty Sets
9. Tackle Over Formations
10. Ghost
11. Bunch with Game Film
12. The Inside Zone is a Good Play
13. Game Film Running Bucksweep from the Gun
14. 8 Man Fronts
15. Game Film Single Wing
16. Defeating the Blitz Flop and Motion
17. Plays Against The Blitz
18. Screens off Bucksweep
19. Fire Screen
20. Game Film Fire Screen
21. Fire Screen by Half Back
22. Good and Bad Plays
23. Fire Screen by Quick Tackle
24. Fire Screen by Quick Guard
25. Game Film Fire Screen by Center
26. Game Film Fire Screen by Strong Guard and Quarterback

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