Eliminate Defensive Plus One

5 out of the last 10 years in TEXAS final 4 3 title appearances – winning 2 State TEXAS Championships And this is in the HIGHEST classification in Texas - 6A Ball Versus the NATIONALLY ranked Allen, South Lake Carroll, Cedar Hill -- These are every year CONFERENCE games.

This is one of TWO talks that are easily some of the best on CoachTube.

How do you STOP the DEFENSE from having one more defender at the point of attack? By ELIMINATING THE PLUS ONE.

Coach Walsh and Denton hang their hat on the PIN & PULL. The attitude is that NOBODY stops their PIN & PULL….Not even Allen, Carroll, or Cedar Hill.

They have a play to read EVERY person on defense — The NG, DT, End, OLB, ILB. THE DEFENSE IS NEVER RIGHT.

Do You Use Tight Ends on Offense? Defenses never see TE anymore & have forgot how to defend them!!!

FORMATIONS — 2 Tight End, 1 Tight End, No Tight End, 4-wide

BACKFIELD — No Back, 1 Back, 2 Back, 3 Back

MOTION — How do you use motion to DICTATE to the defense what they are going to do?

FULLHOUSE RPO: Run the HB Counter, QB could keep it, or QB could throw the swing.

TRIPLE RPO: QB Counter, RB Stretch, Bubble

HARBAUGH CRAZY 10! See how Coach Walsh lines up all 10 players, single file behind Center, then they break out & run a play while defense is scratching their heads

See the PHILLY SPECIAL that the Eagles used to beat the Patriots in the SuperBowl.

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