Defensive Line Play – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Learn from a 22 year college coach D1 and D2 This entire video is practice and game film. No clinic talk. No powerpoints.

How do you evaluate FLEXIBILITY in order to EXPLODE? 

How Should Your Strike and Arm Length Look?   How fast should your players  lock out? 

What Does “Fast Hand Speed” Look Like?  Where is the target focus on eyes and hands?

Actually See College Players Doing It RIGHT and Doing It Wrong !!!

8 minutes of DL drills on sled out of 4pt stance

13 minutes on the sled in 2pt and 3pt stance.

Every Football Coach Knows the Importance of the 1st step.  This 22-year veteran coach shows you examples of good and bad. 

See the RIGHT and WRONG angles for Feet, knee, hip explosion,

Do You Know WHEN to use Single Hand vs Double Hand Strike?

After Coach Jones shows you proper Step & Strike, how do they SHED THE BLOCK

See how Coach Jones teaches the SNATCH TECHNIQUE to get to their Gap technique.

11 minutes of game film, End zone angle showing both bad and good D-Line technique.

Why and When should your DL stunt, slant, or exchange?  Don’t just make these calls, have a reason.

4min of game film showing stunts that worked.  Also stunts that didn’t work and why

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 21 Topics

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