Course 2: Alignment and Run Fits

Tired of Making Sure Your Coverage Matches Your Stunts & Blitzes?

What if Your Secondary Was Independent of Your Front?

Kenny Simpson will show you how.

His 4 DBs call their passin gstrength while the Inside Linebackers set the run strength for the D-Linemen and Linebackers.

Your bigger, stronger Outside Linebacker goes to the run strength to handle Tight Ends and Sniffer Backs.

Your smaller, quicker Outside Linebacker takes care of Twins & Trips.

Simpson goes into amazing detail explaining how he lines up to every formation

And he makes is soooo SIMPLE to understand.

Simpson does not believe in a bunch of checks. Changing defenses to every formation.

Teach every kid 2 or 3 basic rules that allow them to defend 2×2, trips, 2-back 1-TE….even Empty!

That’s right. No special adjustments to Empty.

Just follow your rules….

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons

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