Coach: Kenny Simpson

Alignment & Run Fits


Tired of Making Sure Your Coverage Matches Your Stunts & Blitzes?

What if Your Secondary Was Independent of Your Front?

Kenny Simpson will show you how.

His 4 DBs call their passing strength while the Inside Linebackers set the run strength for the D-Linemen and Linebackers.

Your bigger, stronger Outside Linebacker goes to the run strength to handle Tight Ends and Sniffer Backs.

Your smaller, quicker Outside Linebacker takes care of Twins & Trips.

Simpson goes into amazing detail explaining how he lines up to every formation

And he makes it so SIMPLE to understand.

Simpson does not believe in a bunch of checks. Changing defenses to every formation.

Teach every kid 2 or 3 basic rules that allow them to defend 2x2, trips, 2-back 1-TE....even Empty!

That's right. No special adjustments to Empty.

Just follow your rules....

1. Introduction
2. Strength Cal
3. Secondary Strength Call
4. Run Fits
5. Alignment to Ace Sets
6. Alignment to Tight Ends
7. Alignment to Trips
8. Alignment to 20 Personnel
9. Alignment to 21 Personnel
10. Overloads
11. Alignment to Empty
12. Conclusion

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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