Who is MAV43D?

Coach Ben Martin has been coaching college football for 10 yrs and was named the AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year in 2015.

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Available Courses

Course 1: Philosophy, Terminology, Personnel

Get an in-depth overview of the 4-3 Defense.

Course 2: DL Fronts, Alignment, Movements

Course 3: Alignment Linebackers

Course 4: Alignments Secondary

How to align your secondary to the many different formations an Offense can run

Course 5: Even Front vs 2x2 and Trips

Course 6: Even Front vs 12 13 Pers

Course 6: Goal Line vs 22 23 Pers

Course 7: Run Fits

Course 8: Blitz Packages

Course 8: Suicide Package

Do you love to bring the house? If you love blitzing, then you need to watch this course

Course 9: Disguise your defense

This was a webinar by MAV43D creator Ben Martin.  Over an hour of the game film…He shows how they disguise where the blitz is coming from he also goes thru his coverages behind his blitz package.

Course 10: Transition from 43 to 34

45 Minutes of Game Film,If you love blitzing, then this is the video you want to watch. Learn from a college D-Coordinator

Course 11: 425 Coverages

Course 12: Quarters and Cover 2

Course 13: Nickel & Prevent

Course 14: Olb Drills

Course 15: Linebacker drills

Course 16: DL drills

40-year collage coach Tom Everson teaches everyday defensive line drills at a high school prospect camp.

Course 17: DB Drills

College coach Donnelly shows ton of practice footage of his favorite defensive back drills.

Course 18: Webinar Donnelly Everyday DB Drills

This Webinar is a MUCH shorter version of how Coach Donnelly teaches man to man press techniques.  Due to time, he could not show all the practice & game video that is on his CoachTube course…as well as he was forced to skip several drills due to time constraints.

Course 19: Man Technique, Drills & Variations

Six and Seven Man Pressures out of 4-3 Defense

Course 20: Pursuit & Tackling

Course 21: Installation

Course 22: Defend Wing T

Course 23: Defend Flex Bone

Course 24: Defend Spread & RPO

Course 25: Why Offense do what they do

Course 25: Web Martin Principal of Sound Defense

This Webinar covers all the areas required to have a sound defense

Course 26: Game Plan Scouting

Money Back Guarantee

It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Gang Green system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.

No Questions Asked

We will also break up the $400 into three monthly installments of $140 each (yes we are charging $21 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like my Gang Green system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.

“I bought the whole set of 4-2-5 Gang Green DVD’s and it was one of the best one’s I have ever seen. Great presentation and the DVDs were very easy to follow. Rick also responded to my email when I had a question. Definitely worth the money spent!” –Scott Mathenia, Dumbarton School, Baltimore Maryland

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