Every young coach will be asked what defense the run: 4-3, 3-4, 4-2-5, 3-3-5, 3-5-3, or 52-monster? Man-blitz or Zone blitz? Box or Spill? These coaches will have a defense of the week, coverage of the week, and blitz of the week. They will tell people that they play the under front, the over front, the double eagle front and the okie front. Cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, cover 6, cover 8 and man free. Their kids will have no chance to play fast because the assignments are always changing, and more time was spent installing than practicing.



If you don’t require the complete system, we offer individually bundled  packages to suit your needs.

Coaches Bundle

Alignments Personnel

Group Drills

Tackling & Pursuit

Practice Planning

Scouting & Game Planning

Defenders Bundle

Defending Trips

Matthew Love, coach McManus’s Offensive Line coach and running game coordinator at Spartanburg High School, goes into detail on the various Pass Protection drills they used for their offensive line this past year.

Run Fits

Defend Pistol & Spread

Defend Wing T and Double Wing

Spot Drop Coverages

Installation Bundle

A Moving Wall

Tight Bunch out of 2×2 FORMATIONS is what the RAMS, CHIEFS, and LSU TIGERS are doing! Tight Bunch is not a gimmick that you run twice a game…It is part of your attack to CREATE ANGLES and SPACE for your receivers. How?

Closed Doors & Open Windows

Matthew Love, coach McManus’s Offensive Line coach and running game coordinator at Spartanburg High School, goes into detail on establishing early training with his school system’s middle-school offensive linemen, instilling the fundamentals that they will need when they enter the Spartanburg High School offense.

Setting The Edge

Confuse offenses with a multiple defensive scheme that blends the 4-2-5, 4-4 and the 3-4 defenses together – with minimal learning for your players Develop sound tackling techniques through a fundamental 6-step tackling sequence Scrap traditional wind sprints for drills that condition with a purpose Rick Stewart took over a struggling program that had never won a playoff game.penatibus et.

Air Support

Matthew Love, coach McManus’s Offensive Line coach and running game coordinator at Spartanburg High School, shows us how he preps his offensive linemen for the various gap schemes in their run blocking package. 

Movements & Blitzing

Newest Systems

DVD #1 Terminology, Alignment, and Practice Drills

DVD #2 Defensive Line Techniques & Moving Wall

Most Popular systems

DVD #3 Inside Linebackers: Fill Open Windows

Easy to understand terminology, allows 20 technique linebackers in all 3 defenses to make clean reads, react aggressively, and fill alleys at the proper angles. (“Fast” vs “Tough”). Stewart uses PowerPoint diagrams, practice demonstrations and game footage – with both end zone and sideline angles – to show you the proper coaching points and practice drills that will allow your inside linebackers to play fast and aggressive.

DVD #4 OLB & DBs: Squeeze Windows & Set Boundaries


Rick Stewart updates his very successful 4-2-5 Brain Dead defense adding pattern reads and robber coverages within the secondary, making this defense even more formidable. In addition if you have watched previous “Brain Dead 4-2-5” videos, Coach Stewart covers some changes and improvements they have made in the past couple of seasons.


DVD #7 Defending the Pistol & Spread Offenses

Rick Stewart methodically dissects the pistol offense into formations and backfield, pass plays and run plays showing you the keys to stopping one of the most difficult offenses.

DVD #8 Defending the Wing-T

Rick Stewart, the mastermind of the Pistol Wing-T, will take you on an inside look on how to stop this high potent offense. What better way to stop the wing-T than listening to a coach who knows this offense inside and out?


Rick Stewart understands the importance of the youth football program to help build all of the fundamentals needed to succeed – not only for the player, but for the program they are involved in. Using multiple presentation slides and on the field demonstrations, Coach Stewart takes you through each position of an odd front defense and what adjustments are made versus various offensive formations. He includes his blitz package showing you 1-, 2- and 3-linebacker blitzes.


Rick Stewart has taken his Gang Green 4-2-5 defense and made it a success at the high school level. In this exceptional football DVD, Coach Stewart shows you the principles that have made his gang green defense a success, and how to implement this easily at a youth level. He uses a plethora of on-field videos to demonstrate all of the drills, stunts, and blitzes so coaches can see the proper way to teach heads-up tacking along with the fundamentals of defensive play.

Money Back Guarantee

It’s possible that you may get your package in the mail and decide that our Gang Green system does not fit your programs needs. As fellow coaches, it has always been our motto: “Coaches Helping Coaches” and over the years we have found the coaching profession to be one of the most honorable and ‘giving’ group of any profession.

That is why we will refund every penny you paid if you return all merchandise in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it.

No Questions Asked

We will also break up the $400 into three monthly installments of $140 each (yes we are charging $21 in interest) to make it easy on programs with small operating budgets.

Now you don’t have to worry about the cost issue because I’m taking on all the risk. If you don’t like my Gang Green system, don’t want it, or can’t use it, just send it back to us.

“I bought the whole set of 4-2-5 Gang Green DVD’s and it was one of the best one’s I have ever seen. Great presentation and the DVDs were very easy to follow. Rick also responded to my email when I had a question. Definitely worth the money spent!” –Scott Mathenia, Dumbarton School, Baltimore Maryland

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