Coach: Rick Stewart

Youth Pistol Wing-T Installation & Practice Drills


In this video you will learn how to:
  • Run a cutting edge offensive scheme that utilizes the Belly, Sweep and Down families to create tremendous misdirection while maintaining a simple scheme that the kids will love*
  • Easily call and use multiple formations without confusing your players
  • Run dynamic practice drills that create superior execution by getting an incredible number of repetitions every practice
  • Develop practice strategies that tie the system together and make the difference between winning and losing
DISCLAIMER: The videos included in this course were produced with CHAMPIONSHIP PRODUCTIONS and are not the updated videos. BUY THESE VIDEOS AND GET THE NEW UPDATED VIDEOS BY DEC 2022 FOR FREE!!

1. Introduction
2. Wing-T Overview
3. Wing-T Families
4. Why Pistol
5. Why Wing-T
6. Motion Review part.1
7. Motion Review part.2
8. Installation
9. Practice Schedule
10. Individual Drills part.1
11. Individual Drills part.2
12. Group Drills
13. Conclusion

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