Course 1: Why Smoke and Mirrors


Need a way to Simplify your Offense yet Complicate things for the defense?

Scott Meadows Smoke and MIrrors RPO Wing-T Attacks Defenses With Formations

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    Use Formations to outflank defenses and create mismatches. Put their STUD in a bad position.
    Confuse linebackers and secondary players; Make them slow down and think during the game.
    Take precious practice time away from Defensive Coordinators by making them teach how to line up to you.
    The Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T has over 200 easy to remember Shotgun formations, but 73% of the offense is 6 run plays.

    In 4 years of using this system, his teams have only had 2 penalties for misalignment.

    The Smoke and Mirrors RPO Wing-T Formation System can be adapted to almost any offense and situation.