Utilizing Tight Bunch Formations to Maximize your Run and Passing Game in the Air Raid Offense


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

TIGHT BUNCH out of 2X2 FORMATIONS is what the RAMS, CHIEFS, and LSU TIGERS are doing !

TIGHT BUNCH is not a gimmick that you run twice a game….

It is part of your attack to CREATE ANGLES and SPACE for your receivers.


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    COMPRESS THE FIELD: Bringing your receivers in 3yds from your tackles gives them MORE ROOM to run their routes to hash and sideline.
    CAN’T LINE UP: Defenses do not practice how to line up vs Receivers that are only 2-3 yards from the tackle….both on and off the line.
    CONFUSION: Bunched receivers CONFUSE DEFENSES who pattern read or count receivers.
    There is very LITTLE TEACHING because Coach McManus takes plays already in the playbook and just runs them out of these bunch sets.

    With and without a Tight End.
    Bunch one side or both sides.
    Shift or motion to bunch
    In this course, Coach Mac shows how he incorporates Tight Bunch Formations to improve his Running game and Passing game in the Air Raid Offense. Coach shows multiple ways he runs the football as well as multiple ways he attacks the defense horizontally and vertically in the passing game. 2-man compressed formation.

    PYTHON: Several ways to run “double outs” to use all that grass since receivers are so close
    TAGS: Coach shows you how to run a different concept on the backside of PYTHON
    CRUSH: A reverse smash concept that hi-lows the CB….putting him in conflict
    MESH: The classic Air Raid concept.
    SPEED SWEEP: Coaches favorite run play out of this formation.
    More Run Plays will be added to this course. Once you buy it, all those great additions are FREE !!!

    As with all of the MACATTACK AIR RAID SYSTEM courses, Coach McManus does not “wow” you with powerpoints and drawings. There are so many coaches on the internet who can draw up plays….but have no practice or game video to prove that they actually work (or that the coach can actually teach it)


    Shows the play drawn up.
    Takes you thru the QB read progressions
    Shows you his practice video of him installing it….including mistakes by players and wrong reads by the QB
    20 minutes of Game Film. The proof is always in the game film
    In the ever changing game of football, this course is a must if you want to continue to gain an advantage on evolving defenses.