Coach: Eric Marty

Using Weight Room and Practice Field to Change Culture


Coach: Eric Marty

We all know culture is important – but what are actual tangible ways to build your program’s culture?

Coach Marty’s take a deep dive into his program philosophy, how he organizes his program, and some of the drills and methods he uses to build their culture. You will come out with some innovative and creative ways to continue to build a championship caliber culture where you are at. And remember now, Coach Marty has been through the fire. He took over a program with 9 team members on a two year probation, so he understands what it takes to build culture from square zero.
1 What's In This Course
2 Goals, Purpose, Mission
3 There Are No Perfect Jobs
4 The Concept Triage
5 Seven Pillars of RC Football
6 Year One
7 Spring Goals- Build Culture & Align Values
8 Communicating the Ten Commandments to Your Players
9 Have to Align Coaches First
10 Drill Your Culture
11 Evaluate Rank Grading Your Players
12 Culture Grades & 21 Point Rule
13 Using Peer Pressure to Your Advantage
14 Weight Room is Best Place to Build Culture
15 Discipline in the Weight Room
16 On Field Accountability
17 Players Have to Know How to Earn Playing Time
18 In-Season- Mon & Tue
19 In-Season- Wed & Thur
20 Breaking down the Summer Schedule
21 Wrapping it all up

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