Coach: Russ Martin

Using your Tight end in Zone Blocking


Coach : Russ Martin (ExpTEOffense)

This Webinar is the MUCH shorter version of Coach Barella’s Tight End blocking course that is part of the EXPLOSIVE TE-SPREAD OFFENSE Series.

He goes into great detail on the board all the blocking rules for the Tight End

Inside Zone vs 43, 425, 50, and Bear
Stretch or Pin-Pull vs odd and even
Midline, which they run on the backside of all zone plays
Power Read
Coach Barella has had great success on the college level coaching Tight Ends and Offensive Line

Colorado Mesa TE combined for 30 receptions for 419 yards and 3 TDs in 2019
National ranking in total offense (485 yds per game), passing offense (275 yds per game) and rush offense (210 yds per game)
Included All-Conference selections Soph Dagan Rienks’ and Tanner Quick
helped to develop 1st Team All-Conference TE Cole Wick, who would eventually sign with the NFL Detroit Lions.
At University of Incarnate Word
Tight Ends combined for 36 catches for 321 yards and 7 TD’s.
At Northeastern State
tutored 3 all conference linemen, including Seattle Seahawks draft pick Micheal Bowie
At Sam Houston State
First team all-american Keith Heinrich, who was drafted by Carolina Panthers

1. Who is Coach Barella
2. Characteristics of Tight End
3. Identify the 4th Defender
4. Who to Block in the 4-3 Defense
5. Who to Block in the 425 Defense
6. Identify 4th Defender in the 50 Front
7. Identify 4th Defender in 33 Stack
8. Who to Block in the Double Eagle
9. Four run plays in the Explosive TE Spread Offense
10. Inside Zone with Flexed Tight End
11. Inside Zone Blocking vs 43 Defense
12. Inside_Zone_ vs Odd Fronts
13. GAME_FILM_Inside_Zone vs Even
14. GAME FILM Inside Zone vs Odd Fronts
15. Stretch vs Odd & Even Fronts
16. GAME FILM Pin & Pull from 2x2 Sets
17. GAME FILM Pin & Pull from TE Trip
18. GAME FILM Pin & Pull vs headup D-Line
19. GAME FILM Pin & Pull vs Shaded Fronts
20. GAME FILM Pin & Pull vs Wide D-End
21. Midline Blocking vs Odd & Even
22. GAME FILM Midline vs Even Front
23. GAME FILM Midline from TE Trip
24. GAME FILM Midline vs Trips Closed
25. Power Blocking vs Odd Even
26. GAME FILM 2 back TE Power
27. Power Read Blocking Odd & Even
28. GAME FILM Power Read
29. GAME FILM Why Power Read no good 2x2
30. GAME FILM Power Read better out of 3 x 1
31. Wrapping Up

Watch some sample videos from this course...


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