Coach: Jason Starin

Using Belly G rules for Jet vs Different Fronts


Our version of the Flexbone's "Zone Option" uses Belly rules which make the play very inexpensive and versatile. 2018 & 2019 Region IV Class 5a Div. 1 Champs/State Semi-Finalist 2018 Dave Campbell’s Asst. Coach of the Year

1. Introduction
2. Coaching History
3. What's in this Course
4. Quick Facts: Jet Sweep or Zone Option
5. Jet Sweep
6. Jet Rules
7. Belly Minn and Hawk Plays
8. Skills you need in OL Jet-Down Block and Power Veer
9. Tackles: PSG Covered
10. Tackles: PSG Uncovered
11. Center Uncovered and Covered
12. Guard Pulls Belly Log or Quick
13. Practice
14. Practicing 19
15. The Script Moved into 21
16. The Third Deal on the Script
17. Trying to Move Pre-Snap
18. Practice Films: Guards - Uncovered, Tackles, and Splits & Pull
19. Game Film: Split Type
20. Practice Films: Guards Uncovered
21. Game Film: 28 Hawk Edge
22. Game Film: Down Block Belly Edge Tag
23. Game Film: Shade Nose
24. Game Film: 18 Hawk Edge
25. Game Film: Short 19 Hawk Edge
26. Game Film: Fullback Snaps and Motion Cross
27. Game Film: 18 Hawk Edge Train Right
28. Game Film: 18 and 28 Hawk Edge
29. Game Film: Inside Play
30. Game Film: 28 and 49 Hawk Edge
31. Game Film: Against an Odd
32. Game Film: 19 Hawk Edge
33. Game Film: Fullback-The LA Package

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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