Coach: Tommy Gilleran

Use 2 TE and Shifts to Stress the Defense


Using 2 Tight Ends add extra run fits for the defense

1. Introduction
2. What's in This Course?
3. Why we run the 2 Tight End?
4. Lake Hamilton Offense 2020
5. vs an Even Front
6. vs an Odd Front
7. Different Types of Shifting
8. Game film: 2 Tight Sets
9. Game Film: Bucksweep the Other way
10. Game Film: 2 Tight Sets - an Even Front and Odd Front Scene
11. Game Film: Great Shifts
12a. Game Film: Inside Power Play
12a. Game Film: Inside Power Play 2
13. Game Film-Shifting In and Out Power Play
14. Game Film: 2 Tight Sets Part 2
15. Game Film: Creating Gaps through Shifting
16. Game Film: Counter Criss-Cross
17. Shifting to Create a Weak Side
18. Game Film: Waggle Playside Tight Ends
19. Game Film: Shifting Against a Screen
20. Game Film: A Shift in a Roll Pass
21. Q & A: How much 2 TE do you run?
22. Q & A: Do you ever Shift TE to an Over Set
23. Q & A: Do you have a general Base Rule?
24. Q & A: Which series takes the most Advantage of the Extra Gap?
25. Q & A: What Happens to Unoccupied Sides

Watch some sample videos from this course...

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