Coach: Scott Martin

Transitioning from Spread to Double Wing


Transitioning from Spread to Double Wing

1. Who is Scott Martin
2. Success in the Offense
3. WingT to No Huddle to the Power Spread
4. Enter Gun Double Wing
5. Why Change
6. Meaningful Stats
7. Apply Meaningful Stats
8. Points Plays Yards
9. Adjustments
10. Formation Philosophy
11. It Starts with Power
12. Power VS Odd
13. Power VS Even
14. Power VS Split
15. Game Film Power
16. Game Film Skip Pulling
17. Game Film Pulling Tackles
18. Game Film Bad Snaps
19. Game Film Rhino Flip
20. Game Film Controlling Backside End
21. Game Film Pulling Around Squeezing Ends
22. Game Film Adding Motion
23. Game Film Ram Formation
24. Game Film QB Power
25. FB Power VS QB Power
26. What Gives Power Problems
27. Best Athlete at QB or FB
28. Patient Play Caller

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