Coach: David Norris

Transition from I Back to Pistol Wing T - David Norris


1. Introduction
2. Game Film I Back
3. Why Change
4. Questions to Ask _ Things to Consider
5. What we like about I Formation
6. Struggles I Formation
7. What we wanted in an offense
8. Why Pistol Wing T
9. How we grade the offense
10. Grading the Offense Part 1
11. Grading the Offense Part 2
12. Pistol Wing T Results
13. Lessons Learned
14. CHS Pistol Wing T
15. CHS is the Buck Family _ Guard Trap
16. Game Film Guard Trap
17. Buck Sweep, Power, and Down
18. Game Film Buck Sweep
19. Game Film Power with Q read
20. Game Film Power
21. Game Film Down Option
22. Buck Count, and Waggle
23. Game Film Counter
24. Game Film Truck with Slow RB
25. Game Film Waggle
26. Pass Game
27. Mesh
28. Game Film Mesh
29. Shallow
30. Game Film Shallow
31. 4 Verts, Curl Flat, and Stick
32. Game Film 4 Verts
33. Game Film Curl Flat
34. Game Film Stick

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