Coach: Hancel Phipps

Traditional Wing T Out of Pistol



Are you a traditional Wing T team.  Hard core devotion to Tubby Raymond system?

Well so is (was) Coach Phipps.

Despite having consistent winning records from under center, Coach Phipps and his 4A Wake Forest squad couldn't get to the Big Dance. SO THEY SWITCHED TO PISTOL. They kept the Delaware Number System.   Kept all the backfield footwork the same. But just backed their QB up so that .....

1. Introduction
2. Why Traditional Wing-T
3. Historical Numbers
4. Why Move to Pistol?
5. Q&A - What is Dead Ball Snap?
6. Advantages & Disadvantages
7. Q&A - Do you still go Under Center?
8. Q&A - Do you let the ball in QB's hands in practice?
9. Q&A - Does any blocking change from Under Center to Pistol?
10. Q&A - QB Footwork on Buck Sweep
11. Game Film - Buck Sweep
12. Game Film - Guard Trap
13. Game Film - Waggle
14. Game Film - Power Series
15. Q&A - How do you time up the FB steps running belly?
16. Game Film - Belly
17. Game Film - More 80 Series Plays
18. Q&A - Where to get newer Wing T?

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