Coach: Jason Mcmanus

3 Levels of RPOs


Coach: Jason Mcmanus

4-time state champion and 12-year college coaches Jason McManus breaks all his RPOS into 3 categories.

1. Post Snap Run or Throw (DL or LB) spring out of the pocket 2. Linebacker Post Snap RPO from inside the pocket 3. Safety Post Snap RPO inside the Pocket

1. Over view of the 3 Levels
2. 1st - 2nd Level Post Snap RPO Running out of the pocket
3. LB RPO off Guard-H Back Counter
4. QB can run or throw - Stick Q Draw
5. QB run or throw - Stick Q Counter
6. 3rd Level RPO in the pocket
7. RPO out of 20 Personnel
8. Reading a 2-safety high secondary
9. Culture & Leadership
10. Questions And Answers

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