Coach: Jeff Steinberg

The Spread & Shred Offense


Preview of 2x CIF Champion Jeff Steinberg’s Spread & Shred Offense.

1. Meet Jeff Steinberg
2. Influences
3. Evolution of No Huddle Spread
4. Simple Concepts
5. Overview of the Spread N Shred
6. Simplicity of Offense
7. Tempos
8. The Most Important Part
9. Formations
10. Lining Up
11. Shotgun Run Game
12. Jet Sweep
13. Quick Pass Game
14. Ways to Incorporate the Quick Pass Game
15. Boundary Hitch
16. Reading Defenses
17. Game Film Stutter Post
18. RPO Philosophy
19. Post Snap RPO off Center
20. Boot & Naked Passes
21. Dash out of Three by One
22. Screen Passes

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