Coach: Tommy Gilleran

The Sally: Draw Play in the Wing T - Tommy Gilleran


Transitioning from Spread to Double Wing

1. Who is Coach Gilleran
2. Why we run the Sally
3. Formations
4. Blocking Scheme To Wide Receiver-Even Front
5. Blocking Scheme To Tight End-Even Front
6. Blocking Scheme To Wide Receiver-Odd Front
7. Blocking Scheme To Tight End-Odd Front
8. Practice Tips
9. Game Film Sally vs 5-2 Front
10. Game Film Sally vs 3-3 Stack
11. Game Film Sally - Even Front
12. Q&A Do you ever thought using wrap-around Sally with Fullback_
13. Game Film Sally - to Weak Side
14. Q&A Teams that do and try to take this play away_
15. Q&A Do you run Tight End screen out of Sally
16. Q&A Do you go to Team camps
17. Q&A How do you get your formation of playing
18. Q&A What do you do, first team that read your guards_
19. Q&A Do you use influence block_

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